and founded in 2012.  We are a virtual gallery with shows hosted from time to time at various galleries and art shows.

Based in Monterey California, is the son of a military photographer and has been a taking and developing pictures for over 50 years.

Based in Los Angeles California, is the curator for gallery shows and is also our business manager.

Esalen Collection

A (mostly retired) Esalen therapist, spends as much time as he can at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, and often brings his photography gear.

Esalen Collection photos are occasionally for sale at Esalen Lawn Sales.  Contact for the details.

Skinscape Show

The Skinscape Show premiered in San Francisco in 2013.  Images are abstract and surreal macrophotography of the human body.  We are currently planning a show in Los Angeles in 2017. Gallery location and dates will be posted when contracts are finalized.

Contact Information

Contact for information about booking a gallery show, acquiring art, or working with us on upcoming projects.